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Family Tent

Family Tent

Family Tent is a good moved house for family wild camping.But how to choose a good family tent is a important question for camping loved persons.

1.    Size and shape
The size of family tent is normally described by maximum numbers of the persons that can sleep in the family tent.You need to know the how big tent you feel good,because family tent is not just for sleeping but living.
Since our many year’s experience,we find that four berth family tents work well for two adults.Both adults and children are happy if they got enough sleeping compartment.But if the tent is too larger,then it will be harder to set up and need more space to put.
There are a number of special types of the family tent,such as Dome family tent,Tunnel family tent,Frame family tent or a hybrid family tent.You can make a choose based on your interested and comparement.
You can view them step by step through all the sizes and shapes from our family tent page on our website.

Family tent

2.    Fabric and floor
For family tents,most serious ones have 2 layers:inner and outer. Beacuse 2 layers tents can stop the raining through in. Also outer sheet must be seam taped, the rain can not run across the tent stitching seams. Tent flyer must have amazing water stop feature and big enough to cover the tent top especially the mesh parts. Large family tent has own groundsheet floor,some are separated,some are sewn-in even some are zippered-in. Just check the strength of the groundsheet material.
Family Tent

3.    Door and window
Tent door and window are always mesh covered body fabric,differences are just strength of mesh,hole size of the mesh struction,door shapes etc. Those are not difficult to select.

4.    Others
In general,as with so many things,in terms of family tent quality you normally get what you paid for.some things you should pay attention:
Does the fabric look and feel up to the job?can you spot and flaws that might cause troubles after a few outings?
What are the seams like? If the stitching looks ok?If all the seams properly waterproofed?
How many points are there for guylines?If it can make the tent stable in windy conditions?Usually,more guy points,more better.
Does it come with a fabric repair kit if you damage part of the tent? If they offer extra replacement pole if you break one piece?