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About Us

SUSUN OUTDOORS CO., LTD. SUSUN OUTDOORS CO., LTD. is a manufacturer specializing in design & production of camping tent,dome tent,pop up tent,beach tent,fishing tent,family tent,hunting tent,kids tent,pet tent,swag,mummy sleeping bag,envelope sleeping bag,camping chair,beach chair,director chair,backpack chair,double chair,sun chair,moon chair,recliner chair and camping bed,rattan chair,rattan sofa,rattan table etc. in China.   SUSUN OUTDOORS CO., LTD. has an area of 10000M2 and 250 employers. Workers have more than 10year’s skills in cutting,stitching,producing and packing for camping and outdoor gears and rattan furniture.Also we have 20 RD staffs for designing and 10 QC staffs for quality control. ODM and OEM are welcomed.   SUSUN OUTDOORS CO., LTD. has 20year’s...

Catalogue and Products

Camping Tent

Dome Tent

Cheap Dome Tent, 5 Man Dome Tent, 4 Man Dome Tent, Camouflage Dome Tent, 2 Man Dome Tent, 1 Man Dome Tent, 3 Man Dome Tent, 4 Person Dome Tent, Family Dome Tent, 3 Person Dome Tent, 4 Season Dome Tent, 5 Man Dome Tent, 2 Person Dome Tent, Mountain Dome Tent, Dome Camping Tent, Automatic Dome Tent,

Beach Tent

Cheap Beach Ten, Pop Up Beach Shelter Tent, Pop Up Beach Tent, Sun Beach Tent, Foldable Beach Tent, Beach Shelter Tent, Cabana Sand Tent, Cabana Beach Tent, Cabana Beach Shade Tent, Beach Fishing Tent, Automatic Beach Tent, Sun Shelter Tent, Children Beach Tent,

Family Tent

Family Tent, wholesale family Tent, Outdoor Family Tent, Family Camping Tent, Luxury Family Tent, 4 Person Family Tent, 3 Room Tent, 4 Person Camping Tent, 6 Person Family Tent, Large Family Tent, Family Tunnel Tent, 8 Person Family Tent, 10 Person Family Tent,

Pop Up Tent

Quick Pop Up Tent, 2 Second Pop Up Tent, Single Layer Pop Up Tent, 1 Person Pop Up Tent, 2 Person Pop Up Tent, Pop Up Tent For 2 People, Double Layer Pop Up Tent,

Hunting Tent

Hunting Blind Tangle, Hunting Chair Blind, Camouflage Hunting Blind, Pop Up Ground Hunting Blind, Camouflage Hunting Tent, Real Tree Blind Tent,

Kids Tent

Kids Tent, Teen Tent, Junior Tent, Kids Game Tent, Small Tent, Youth Tent, Toddler Tent, Child Tent, Princess Tent, Disney Tent, Play Tent, Tunnel Play Tent, Football Play Tent,

Pet Tent

Pet House Tent, Pet Cage Tent, Pet Carrier, Pet Playpen,

Other Tent

Work Triangle Tent, Ice Fishing Shelter,

Sleeping Bag

Mummy Sleeping Bag

Mummy Sleeping Bag, Camping Mummy Sleeping Bag, Outdoor Mummy Sleeping Bag, Down Sleeping Bag, 2 Layer Mummy Sleeping Bag, 0 Degree Mummy Sleeping Bag, Nylon Mummy Sleeping Bag, Adjustable Mummy Sleeping Bag, Polyester Mummy Sleeping Bag, Mummy Sleeping Bag With Hoop, 3 Season Mummy Sleeping Bag, Adult Mummy Sleeping Bag, Light Weight Mummy Sleeping Bag, Backpacking Mummy Sleeping Bag, Travel Mummy Sleeping Bag, Cheapest Mummy Sleeping Bag, Cheap Mummy Sleeping Bag, Good Mummy Sleeping Bag, Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag, Mummy Sleeping Bag For Camping, Hiking Mummy Sleeping Bag, Hiking Mummy Sleeping Bag,

Envelope Sleeping Bag

Cheap Envelope Sleeping Bag, Light Rectangular Sleeping Bag, Envelope Sleeping Bag, Rectangular Sleeping Bag, Outdoor Envelope Sleeping Bag, Camping Envelope Sleeping Bag, Envelope Sleeping Bag With Hoop, 4 Season Sleeping Bag, Camping Rectangular Sleeping Bag, Light Envelope Sleeping Bag, Light Envelope Sleeping Bag, Compact Rectangular Sleeping Bag, Envelope Sleeping Bag For Backpacking, Goose Down Envelope Sleeping Bag,

Kids Sleeping Bag

Kids Sleeping Bag, Children Sleeping Bag, Teen Sleeping Bag, Small Sleeping Bag, Toddler Sleeping Bag, Junior Sleeping Bag, Girls Sleeping Bag, Princess Sleeping Bag, Disney Sleeping Bag, Youth Sleeping Bag,

Military Sleeping Bag

Military Sleeping Bag, Army Sleeping Bag, Goose Down Military Sleeping Bag, Army Sleeping Bag, Camouflage Military Sleeping Bag, Full Body Military Sleeping Bag,

Camping Chair

Fishing Stool

Fishing Stool, Folding Camping Stool, Steel Beach Stool, Triangle Fishing Stool, Folding Fishing Stool, Promotional Fishing Stool, Outdoor Camping Stool, Aluminum Fishing Stool, Fishing Stool With Cooler Bag, Foldable Fishing Stool, Durable Fishing Stool, Metal Folding Stool, Light Weight Fishing Stool, Folding Stool With Ice Bag, Picnic Stool With Cooler Bag, Folding Picnic Stool, Camouflage Fishing Stool, Portable Camping Fishing Stool,

Beach Chair

Regular Folding Beach Chair, Folding Beach Chair, Easy Folded Beach Chair, Steel Beach Chair, Printed Beach Chair, Folding Beach Chair, Folding Camping Beach Chair, Foldable Beach Chair, Fold Up Sand Chair, Beach Sand Chair, Armrest Camping Chair, Printed Beach Chair, Promotional Beach Chair, Beach Chair With Side Table, Outdoor Folding Sand Chair, Camp Chair With Armrest, Folding Leisure Chair, Cheap Sand Chair, Metal Camping Chair With Mesh, Mesh Sand Chair, Beach Arm Chair With Mesh, Heavy Duty Beach Chair, Foam Padded Beach Chair, Aluminum Beach Chair, Aluminum Sand Chair With Pocket, Polyester Beach Chair, Beach Chair With Pillow And Pocket, Folding Beach Rocking Chair, Beach Chair Without Armrest, No Armrest Beach Chair, Cheap Folding Beach Chair, Beach Chair With Sunshelter, Beach Chair With Canopy, Beach Chair With Cover, Folding Beach Chair With Foot Rest, Sand Beach Chair With Foot Rest, Proper Beach Chair With Foot Rest, Oversized Printed Beach Chair With Foot Rest,

Sun Chair

Heavy Duty Sun Chair, Sun Lounge Chair, Outdoor Folding Sun Chair, Foldable Sun Chair, Textilene Sun Chair, Folding Leisure Sun Chair, Beach Sun Chair, Camping Sun Chair, Sun Chair With Pillow, Steel Sun Chair, Lounger Sun Chair, Outdoor Sun Chair, Portable Sun Chair, Rocking Sun Chair, Kids Sun Chair,

Moon Chair

Folding Moon Chair, Portable Soft Moon Chair, Kids Moon Chair, Leisure Moon Chair, Foldable Moon Chair, Round Moon Chair, Aluminum Moon Chair, Adult Moon Chair, Canvas Moon Chair, Butterfly Chair, Folding Butterfly Chair,

Director Chair

Folding Director Chair, Textilene Director Chair, Director Chair with Side Table and Pocket, Steel Director Chair, Aluminum Director Chair, Foldable Director Chair,

Picnic Chair

Picnic Chair, Folding Picnic Chair, Textilene Picnic Chair, Camping Picnic Chair, Foldable Picnic Chair, Picnic Chair With Side Pocket, Textile Picnic Chair, Beach Picnic Chair, Steel Picnic Chair, Portable Picnic Chair, Aluminum Picnic Chair, Wooden Armrest Picnic Chair, Picnic Chair With Pillow, Outdoor Picnic Chair, Adjusted Picnic Chair, Plastic Armrest Picnic Chair, Metal Picnic Chair, Light Weight Picnic Chair, Heavy Duty Picnic Chair, Adjustable Picnic Chair, Leisure Picnic Chair,

Garden Recliner Chair

Garden Recliner Chair, Textilene Garden Recliner Chair, Adjusted Garden Recliner Chair, Aluminum Garden Recliner Chair, Garden Recliner Chair With Pillow, Comfortable Garden Recliner Chair,

Double Camping Chair

Camping Double Chair, Double Beach Chair, Double Camping Chair, Double Seats Camping Chair, 2 Seats Camping Chair, 2 Seats Chair With Umbrella, Double Seats Chair With Umbrella, Double Beach Chair With Umbrella, Camping Chair Set, Outdoor Camping Set,

Kids Animal Chair

Kids Animal Chair, Children Animal Chair, Kids Cute Animal Chair, Kids Cartoon Chair, Folding Kids Chair,

Camping Bed

Military Camping Bed, Folding Camping Bed, Portable Camping Bed, Beach Camping Bed, Camping Bed With Wheel, Minitary Camping Bed, Beach Bed With Pillow, Folding Beach Bed, Outdoor Beach Bed, Foldable Camping Bed, Foldable Beach Bed,

Outdoor Furniture

Rattan Furniture

outdoor rattan chair, 4 seaters garden rattan sets, patio rattan table & chair, outdoor furniture set, PE rattan garden set, rattan barstool, wicker garden dining set, aluminum frame rattan table and chair, rattan sofa, modern design rattan sofa,

Metal Furniture

outdoor metal chair, iron stool, powder coating tolix stool, marais bar stool, garden iron stool, wrought iron chair, metal dining chair, metal tolix stool, low backrest bar stool,